We can set up your water system for gardening, watering stock and personal use. All you need is a roof and a collection system of gutters and downspouts. (We will install that for you, too!)

Let our rain catchment system supply some of the water you need.

The average 1,000 sq. ft. roof will generate about 6,000 gallons of rainwater from ten inches of rainfall!

Did you know a shower uses 17 gallons of water? And that your 8' x 4' vegetable garden needs about 20 gallons a week depending on weather?
Your horse needs 8-10 gallons every day.
And your old washing machine uses 40 gallons per load. A newer model only needs 20.



Prepare for more drought! OJC can help you use less water from the water company! We have water tanks in stock and ready to install.  

installed catch tank

Good News for San Diego City Residents:

Purchase a water tank and qualify for the rebate. Follow this link to see their web page.


Bushman Tanks -
Photo and Description
rainwater tank 865 Gallons
water tank 865 Gallons
rainwater tank 1110 Gallons
rainwater tank 1320 Gallons
water Tank 1320 Gallons
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